Call of Duty Mobile recommended weapon

The AK47 assault rifle is a popular weapon choice for players in Call of Duty Mobile. With its powerful damage and reliable accuracy, it has become one of the most sought-after guns in the game. In this article, we will take an in-depth look at the AK47 and its performance in Call of Duty Mobile.

History of the AK47

The AK47 is a selective-fire assault rifle that was designed in the Soviet Union by Mikhail Kalashnikov in the late 1940s. It was first used by the Soviet Army in 1949 and quickly became a popular weapon due to its reliability, ease of use, and low cost of production. The AK47 is now one of the most widely used assault rifles in the world, with over 100 million of them produced.

In Call of Duty Mobile, the AK47 is a powerful assault rifle that is available to players from the start. It is unlocked at level 23 and is a popular choice for players who want a reliable weapon that can deal a lot of damage.

Performance in Call of Duty Mobile

The AK47 has a high damage output and is capable of killing enemies with just a few shots. Its range is also impressive, making it a viable option for long-range engagements. The gun's recoil can be a bit difficult to control, but with practice, players can learn to manage it effectively.

One of the AK47's most notable strengths is its high damage output. With a base damage of 70, it is capable of killing enemies in just two or three shots to the body, or one shot to the head. This makes it one of the deadliest weapons in the game, especially in close-quarters combat.

The AK47 also has a relatively fast time-to-kill (TTK), which means that it can take down enemies quickly. This is especially true when combined with attachments like the Foregrip, which reduces recoil and allows for more accurate shots.

However, the AK47's recoil can be a bit difficult to control, especially at longer ranges. This means that players will need to learn how to manage the gun's recoil in order to use it effectively. The recoil pattern is also a bit unpredictable, which can make it challenging to control in certain situations.

Overall, the AK47 is a powerful and reliable assault rifle that is well-suited for players who prefer a high damage output and strong accuracy. With the right attachments and a bit of practice, it can be a devastating weapon in the hands of skilled players.

Best Attachments for the AK47

There are several attachments that players can use to improve the performance of the AK47 in Call of Duty Mobile. Here are some of the best attachments for the gun:

  1. Foregrip: The Foregrip is an essential attachment for the AK47. It reduces the gun's recoil and improves accuracy, making it easier to control in both close-quarters and long-range combat.

  2. Extended Mag: The Extended Mag attachment increases the AK47's magazine size, allowing players to fire more rounds before needing to reload. This is especially useful in situations where multiple enemies are present.

  3. Quickdraw: The Quickdraw attachment reduces the AK47's ADS (aim-down-sights) time, allowing players to aim and fire more quickly. This can be useful in situations where fast reflexes are needed.

  4. Suppressor: The Suppressor attachment reduces the sound of the AK47's gunfire, making it harder for enemies to locate the player. This can be useful for players who prefer a more stealthy playstyle.

  5. FMJ: The FMJ attachment increases the AK47's bullet penetration, allowing players to shoot through walls and other obstacles. This can be especially useful in objective-based game modes like Domination and Hardpoint.


Published on: 2/28/23, 1:24 PM