How to shorten a links at reShort

 reShort is the Best URL Shortener to make money in 2018, Here is the instruction on how to shorten a link and start making money. 

1. Go to  and create an account
or if you are already a member, just click the I 'already have a membership' to sign in.
2. Click the 'New Shorten Link' at the upper left.


3. Copy the URL you want to share. Make sure it is interesting for you to earn more.
3. Paste the URL you want to shorten at the text box.
4. Click the 'Shorten' Button or you can click 'Advance Option' button the create a Custom Link or Alias.
5. Copy the shorten Link and share it to Facebook, Websites, Blogs, Forums or comment to any post and you will start making money on URL Shortener. 

Published on: 7/3/18, 9:01 AM